As part of The Plumb Club’s commitment to providing the Jewelry Retailer with the
information, education and resources they need to help grow their business, we  created
this exciting new space in our pavilion that highlighted the latest in retail sales technology.

The Retail Innovation and Education Center featured 6 Exhibitors:

Pepper the IBM Watson Robot

Visitors to The Plumb Club Retail Innovation and Education Center had the pleasure of meeting Pepper, a humanoid robot that can talk and interact- and was able to make specific jewelry recommendations to match guests’ preferences.

Retail Innovation & Education Center
Visitors who posted photos with Pepper to social media were entered to win a $100 gift card or donation to a charity of their choice.

Next Generation Shopping Solutions

AUGMENTes provides cutting-edge digital consumer experiences that help retailers and brands increase their online and in-store sales using Augmented Reality (AR), Mobile Applications and Omni-Channel Shopping Platforms.

Retail Innovation & Education Center

Cutting Edge Features:

• AR Viewing and Try On
• 3D Viewing
• Augmented Digital Catalogs
• Beacons
• Push Notifications

Visit the AUGMENTes website for more information.

The business of design. The art of partnership.

Known for their award winning and cutting-edge store design, both in and out of the Jewelry Industry, JGA is much more than that. They have produced inspired environments around the world, motivating the creative process of provoking ideas and solutions by facilitating the storytelling process to create spaces that elevate business performance while stimulating and pleasing the aesthetic senses. Whether a small concept or an entire store, what story can they help you tell?

Retail Innovation & Education Center

• Innovative Retail Design
• Branded Environments
• Business-elevating Space
• Participating in the
design of the Retail
Innovation and Education
Center booth.

Visit the JGA website for more information.

PM Screen
Innovative Multimedia

As one of the leading global providers of complete special media installation solutions, PM Screen explores the limits of innovative technology and concept and translates those into unique and creative products. Featured in The Plumb Club will be their latest in Holographic Displays and technology.

Retail Innovation & Education Center

• Holographic Displays
• Interactive Screen Apps
• 3D animation
• Visual Effects

Visit the PM Screen website for more information.

Don’t Disrupt the Shopping Experience… Enhance it.

Creating a whole new category of kinetic retail displays by combining the tactile gratification of in-store shopping with a content-rich online experience. The Converge platform emulates the way a consumer would typically research products online, bringing that experience to the retail store through a new showcase concept that ties together virtual and physical.

Retail Innovation & Education Center

• “Kinetic Retail Display” Platform
• Enhances the In-store Experience and  can tie into Retailers’ Web Presence
• Endless Aisle

Visit the Converge website for more information.

Digital Marketing Solutions in the Jewelry Industry

While just a small part of what they do, GemFind presented their custom jewelry design platform. This platform can be integrated with the retailers existing website, be used in-store and/or online, and is customizable and scalable. In addition, GemFind informed the retailer about “Geo-Fencing”, which is location driven, targeted advertising, through commonly used apps that consumers use every day.

Retail Innovation & Education Center

• Custom Jewelry Design Platform
• Integrates with Retailers’ Existing Websites
• Can be used In-store
• Scalable
• Customizable
• Geo-fencing

Visit the GemFind website for more information.

To learn more about the exciting educational and informational opportunities The Plumb Club offered at JCK Las Vegas, please visit The Plumb Club Pavilion page.