Protecting Your Jewelry Store: Essential Security Measures

The Plumb Club Presented a Valuable Webinar by Jewelers of America in Partnership with Jewelers Security Alliance

In the wake of a Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA) report that notes crime against the jewelry industry reaching a record level in 2022, The Plumb Club was pleased to present a valuable, retail-learning webinar presented by Jewelers of America (JA) in connection with JSA. This webinar was open and free to the entire jewelry industry and took place virtually in the Jewelers Resource Center Auditorium on Wednesday, June 28th, 2023 at 2pm EDT.

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This virtual presentation, entitled “Protecting Your Jewelry Store – Essential Security Measures”, was presented as a dialog between Regina Ciarleglio, director of membership for JA, John Kennedy, president of JSA, and Scott Guginsky, vice president of JSA. It was geared toward enhancing retailer knowledge and providing pro-active steps toward ensuring the safety and security of jewelry stores. They discussed protecting businesses against various security threats, including theft, burglary and armed robbery. Retailers gained insights into the following:

  • Assessing Vulnerabilities: Identifying potential security risks and developing a comprehensive security plan tailored to your unique needs.
  • Implementing Effective Security Measures: Understanding the latest technologies and techniques to safeguard merchandise, employees, and customers.
  • Optimizing Staff Training: Educating employees on security protocols, emergency procedures as well as recognizing suspicious behaviors.
  • Collaborating With Law Enforcement and Industry Partners: Establishing strong relationships with local authorities and fellow jewelers to combat crime and share intelligence.

Additionally, the panel discussed case studies and real-life examples to help retailers learn from actual jewelry store incidents and provided immediately implementable tips to reduce risk and mitigate potential threats.


John Kennedy is an attorney who has served as President of Jewelers’ Security Alliance for over 30 years. Before joining JSA he served as an Assistant Commissioner with the New York City Department of Investigation, and in other positions in government and academia.

Scott F. Guginsky is vice president of Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA). He is a highly decorated 24-year veteran of the NYC police department specializing in pursuing violent criminal enterprises and groups that target the gem, jewelry and watch industry. He was a recipient of the JSA James B. White Award and has been honored with an award from the National Retail Federation Retail Partnership, as well as the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.

ReginaCiarleglio is the director of membership for Jewelers of America (JA). She began her career in the industry over 30 years ago at Cartier and has work for brands such as Swiss Army, Gucci, Dior  and GE Capital.  She is a GG candidate at GIA and serves on the board of Providence Jewelers Club and WJA Providence.




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