Interior Design: The Advantages of Side-by-Side Jewelry Cases

Jewelry case design is so important for the overall look of the store. As a jewelry store owner, the quality and style of the cases should not be compromised. Jewelry companies are turning to side-by-side jewelry cases for interior design services, giving selling advantage and saving space.  Side-by-side jewelry cases allow the salesperson and customers to interact more comfortably and casually, compared to traditional behind-the-counter selling methods. The biggest difference between traditional jewelry cases and side-by-side case designs is selling behind the jewelry cases, which provides a barrier between the client and the jeweler. Side-by-side cases allow both parties to establish trust and agreement with a mutual goal to buy jewelry (see picture of Welling & Company Jewelers for the side-by-side jewelry cases).

Welling & Company Jewelers

The use of side-by-side jewelry cases can create trust within your customers, which can lead to more sales. “The feet will always follow the eyes,” Paco Underhill explains “Strategically placing focal points throughout the store gets clients into and around the store effortlessly.” Depending on the size of your showroom space, owners should incorporate side by side case design for the showroom. Wide aisles allow clients to walk quickly to side-by-side jewelry cases, while narrow aisles give a different feeling to the space. See picture of Buchkosky Jewelers in Roseville, Minnesota of the side-by-side jewelry cases that provide the advantage of increased openness because the buyer and seller stand close to each other.

Buchkosky Jewelers

Another advantage to side-by-side cases is they can save you space in your store​ u​sing side-by-side cases can save your store three additional feet when they are up against the wall. According to the standard American Disability Act (ADA), a traditional jewelry space plan requires three feet behind the case so the staff can stand behind it. Overall, side-by-side jewelry cases give a comfortable and luxurious feel to the store. See picture of Lasker Jewelers in Rochester, Minnesota with side-by-side jewelry cases.


Lasker Jewelers

About the Author: Leslie McGwire™ has over 35 years in business development, interior design, equipment, furniture sales and marketing services in retail and jewelry-based businesses. Leslie has won 25 national design awards, including the prestigious Salon Today and INSTORE Jewelry Store ​awards. Leslie has a true passion for business, design in the retail and the jewelry industries. 

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