How to Optimize PPC Advertising

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your jewelry business. Your ads are shown when someone does a search for a particular keyword, meaning that you’re seen only by an audience who is extremely interested.  And the best part is that you get to set the rates you’re willing to pay and you only pay when someone clicks through to your website.  PPC advertising is extremely cost-effective and gives you tremendous control over your marketing budget.


How Can My Jewelry Business Improve Our PPC Performance?

The best way to improve your PPC performance is to focus on optimizing your campaigns to drive the most efficient conversions to your jewelry website.  There are many components of a successful paid search campaign you can adjust such as: switching off the automated ad suggestions, testing different audience segments, and modifying your bidding strategy.  These are all simple ways you can immediately improve the results of your campaigns, even without changing any of your existing marketing copy.


What Makes For A Good PPC Campaign?

A good PPC campaign is defined as one which drives a high amount of impressions to a quality, predetermined audience, generates traffic to your website, and increases your conversion rate.  In effect, growing your jewelry sales.

It all comes down to how low you can keep your PPC costs and how high your average jewelry sales are.  This is where optimization comes in and why you need to become an expert (or hire one).  To be successful, every PPC ad should pay for itself.

Here are 3 PPC secrets to success:

1. Focus Your PPC Campaigns On Mobile Visitors

According to Google, more than half of all searches are done on mobile devices.  This means that if you only advertise to desktop users, you’re missing a huge part of your audience and losing sales.

Mobile PPC advertising allows you to capture new customers at their hottest level of interest.  Oftentimes, someone is already out shopping and wants to see other stores in their area.  They’ll use their phone to search for them.  You want to be seen by these people and guide them to your store.

The best way to optimize your mobile campaigns are to ensure that your website is mobile friendly, use a click-to-call option on all of your PPC ads, and include the location and directions to make it easy for new customers to find you.

You’ll also want to consider user-intent and what action you want the prospect to take from your ad.  Is is a click to your website?  Is it a phone call to your store?  Or, is it to generate walk-in traffic?  All of these are excellent marketing goals, but you should only focus on one.  Don’t overload your PPC ads with too many “calls to action”.  An overwhelmed prospect remains an undecided one who doesn’t buy.

2. Use Local And Long-Tail Keywords

It’s important to always remember that all marketing is “local”.  In your PPC ads, you’ll want to use local keywords, effective sales copy, and a tone which is appropriate to the experience and brand voice of your jewelry store.  The more you can make your PPC ads targeted to the local area, the better.  Your customers will respond to them.

Rather than using generic keywords, use specific keywords which are localized and likely to be searched for.  Long-tail keywords such as “jewelry stores near (city)” or “where to buy an engagement ring in (town)” which contain the name of your area are excellent ways to instantly improve your PPC campaigns.  There are literally thousands of local and long-tail keyword combinations you can choose from which an expert can help you select.

3. Consider Deeper Audience Segmentation

Redefining your target audience is another way to boost the performance of your PPC advertising.  It’s often that jewelers will market to the same old stale audience that has worked in the past, but somehow they expect different results.  This is the textbook definition of insanity.

To reach new jewelry customers, you need to be in front of new people.  Your current audience can only generate so many sales.  There are many more prospects who have never even heard of your jewelry store before and are soon to be engaged or looking to celebrate a life occasion.  There are plenty of potential buyers and new sales waiting for you if you know where to look.

Audience segmentation is the process of drilling down into specific aspects of the type of customer you want to attract.  Choices such as age, demographics, location, income-levels, and more are ways you can fine-tune your marketing campaigns.  Think about who your ideal jewelry customer is and create a profile of them.  Digital advertising gives you an extraordinary amount of leverage and choice of who you can advertise to.


Focus On Your Strengths

Every jewelry store owner wears many hats.  It’s important to realize that your resources are limited and that managing PPC campaigns is time-intensive and can be very challenging.  You can certainly do it on your own, but it will take away from other areas of your business (where you’re already the expert and can’t easily be replaced).

Focus on what you do best and consider hiring a professional agency who can create and manage all of your digital advertising.  While you’re busy watching your store, they can watch your marketing and ensure that you get the best PPC rates available in your area.  The money you’ll save combined with the new engagement ring and jewelry sales you’ll make will easily pay for itself.


Source: Emmanuel Raheb, Smart Age Solutions,