Go for the Gold

Gold Rush

Gold signifies success, prestige, quality, and value. The “best” sets the gold standard, gets the gold medal, and is only genuine if it’s as good as gold.

Linked to the power of the sun, gold was believed to possess an energy that brings warm, soothing vibrations to those who wear it. Since ancient times, gold has been a suggested remedy for uplifting one’s spirit. Everyone feels good wearing gold!

Rooted deeply in a diverse tapestry of cultural traditions, the aspiration to own and give gold in the form of jewelry transcends generations and national boundaries.

Statistics show that gold use in U.S. jewelry has stabilized over the past seven years despite economic and structural challenges cites Mark Hanna, chief marketing officer of the Richline Group in New York, who notes that gold demand in the U.S. jewelry market rose to a 13-year high this past October and a seven-year high year to date. “This stability suggests that the U.S. retail population still cares deeply for gold and there are clear opportunities for the U.S. gold jewelry sector to innovate and prosper in the future.”

Amanda Gizzi, director of public relations and special events for Jewelers of America, sees a real love for yellow and rose gold, particularly in statement rings, bold hoops, and cuff bracelets. Gems like sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, opal, and morganite are among the favorites featured in colorful gold jewelry design.

Color of Gold

After years of white metal prowess, yellow gold is experiencing resurgence the past two years, says Allison Peck with Color Merchants, New York. “Customers want yellow gold. They want to show they are wearing gold, and yellow is the color that truly says gold.”

Consumers are investing in gold pieces with heavier weights and at higher price points, pieces that are well made and fashionable describes Cora-Lee Colaizzi, director of marketing and catalogs and senior merchandiser Quality Gold, Fairfield, Ohio. “Bold styles from the 1980s and 1990s are emerging in yellow gold assortments.” She also says gold designs that can be layered are trending like bracelets and necklaces in bolo, lariat and Y styles.

Alisa Bunger, director of sales for the B88 Division of the Dallas-based Prime Art & Jewel concurs that bolder looks are taking off as well, as anything that involves bezel set stones. She sees gems in shades of green, brown and yellow among the most popular sellers for Spring.

Men’s jewelry is experiencing a big boost in gold styling as well. “Heavier styles in bracelets and necklaces with old link chains harkening the ‘90s are regaining interest, says Colaizzi. “Yellow gold remains strong and these styles are staples for most stores working to build a higher-end men’s assortment.”

For men’s jewelry manufacturer IB Goodman in Newport, Kentucky yellow gold is important in its latest limited edition Anniversary Collection. “This is a collection IBG designed based on uniting the evolution of jewelry design with the meaningful history of our company,” says Jonathan Goodman Cohen, president, and CEO. “We selected vintage stones from our company archives (hematite, tigers eye and sardonyx cameo/intaglio cuts) and designed bold 14K gold settings for each stone. We wanted to make the rings for these stones that answered the call of modern design (unique detailing, comfort, and a classic yet bold simplicity) and also showed an appreciation for the history of IB Goodman.”

Rosy Outlook

Rose gold has become a style staple in bridal and fashion jewelry. The fashion industry has a long history with rose gold, a color that exists somewhere between luxury and fashion. The hue got a big boost in 2016 as Pantone declared Rose Quartz Color of the Year in 2016—a gem that looks great set in rose gold. The color is not only big in fashion but also other industries, most notably electronics.

Eddie Weiss for EMA Jewelry in New York describes rose gold as rocking! “Rose gold is warm and has an appeal that draws you in. It has been especially popular in the jewelry set with morganite and London Blue Topaz, which reflect the 2016 Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz, and Serenity Blue, which continue to be strong.”

Eve Chiles for the silver and gold manufacturer Breuning in Lawrenceville, Georgia believes rose gold is a favorite in jewelry design because it blends so well with all colors of gold, including blackened metals.

Not only does it work well with other colors of gold, rose gold has been a popular accent in sterling silver designs, notes Bunger. “We launched a new graphic design this Spring, geometric elements combined with rose gold, that is fantastic.”

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