Aquamarine is the light greenish blue variety of the mineral species beryl. It is the accepted modern-day birthstone for March. Aquamarine is sourced from multiple parts of the world, but gem quality material is found mostly in Brazil, in the mining region of Minas Gerais. Other sources include Pakistan, Russia, India, and Nigeria. In the 19th century, the sea green variety was the most sought-after color commanding the highest prices. In fact, early sailors prized this sea-like gem and gifted it to Poseidon, the god of the sea. Ancient stories tell the tale of sailors wearing aquamarine as protection against the harsh sea. Today, the preferred color is a sky blue with subtle hints of green. Because of its serene-like quality, aquamarine is a soothing gem known to promote peace and harmony. It is also believed to aid in the swelling of the neck and throat. That is why most opt for a necklace or pendant to relieve any throat or thyroid soreness and problems with speech.

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