A Metal For All Seasons – Platinum’s Role Beyond Jewelry

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Platinum Role Beyond Jewelry: A Powerful Retail Narrative that Resonates with Today’s Customer

The Plumb Club hosted an informative and enlightening learning opportunity for retailers in connection with Platinum Guild International USA and Anglo American. The webinar took place virtually in the Jewelers Resource Center on Wednesday, September 27th at 1pm Eastern, and provided retailers with information and insights about the qualities of platinum and its appeal to today’s jewelry consumer.


The webinar, entitled “A Metal for All Seasons – Platinum’s Role Beyond Jewelry”, was described as follows: Platinum’s durability, rarity and purity are highly prized and well-known within the jewelry industry. However, did you know that platinum’s natural characteristics make it extremely valued across a variety of industry categories from medical to mobility? In this very informative webinar, done in connection with Platinum Guild International USA and the Market Development team at Anglo American, the leading platinum producer, you will learn the diverse uses of platinum which underscore its continuing and growing value. The knowledge of platinum’s role in modern life and the “green transition” will provide retailers with a powerful narrative that resonates with today’s consumer.”

The webinar included an introduction by Lawrence Hess, Executive Director of The Plumb Club. Kevin Reilly, Senior Vice President of Platinum Guild International USA, lead the presentation along with Nimit Shah, Market Development Manager for Anglo American. 


Kevin Reilly: Kevin Reilly is a jewelry industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in brand building, marketing, sales & customer relationship management.  In his role at Platinum Guild International USA, he is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with companies at all levels of the supply chain, formulating programs to help them build their platinum jewelry business.


Nimit Shah: Nimit Shah is a manager in the market development team of Anglo American, a leading global mining company whose products are essential ingredients in almost every aspect of modern life. He directs some of Anglo American’s industry-leading market creation and venture initiatives to stimulate new and sustainable demand for platinum group metals (PGMs), in multiple opportunity areas, such as jewelry, along many other industrial applications.