Empowering Pearls’ Message

From layers of classic white round pearl strands a la Coco Chanel to colorful organic baroque shapes in playful designs, pearls are not only classic, they’re essential in any jewelry wardrobe.

Throughout time, powerful women have tapped their inner goddess wearing pearls — from the Queens of Egypt and England to our favorite celebrities, broadcasters and politicians. Pearls exude confidence, while never distracting from the person wearing them. Ageless and flattering to any complexion, pearls capture the light in such a way that casts a natural healthy glow on your skin.

Empowering women is a key message Honora Pearls is embracing this year, says Kathleen Ross, creative director for this Richline pearl brand based in New York. “At Honora, we have made the distinctive choice to feature real women, not models in our lifestyle photography. This is especially important because our mission is to empower every woman, regardless of age, location or wealth to come out of her shell and discover her own unique way to glow.”

During Women’s History month in March Honora introduced some team members to its community in celebration of the women behind the brand, shares Ross. “We are very active on social media, engaging real people about real pearls to join the conversation by using the hashtags #FindYourLuster and #HonoraPearls. We suggest retailers tell an authentic story to their community and they will receive genuine engagement in return.”

Talking Points
Imparting pearl talking points, the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) has a new online Pearl Specialist Certification Course at PearlsAsOne.org. Available in seven languages, this comprehensive pearl module is divided into 10 segments, covering topics like the history of the pearl industry, pearl valuation and current production methods.

The CPAA just announced a digital marketing campaign focused on social media advertising to drive interest in pearl education and a growing consumer demand for the gem.

Dana Cali, marketing and communications for the New York company, Mastoloni, reminds jewelers that the tone on social media is fun and conversational, and not serious or product focused. “We stress to our jewelers to enhance and elevate their content in as many ways as they can engage their community.” She says Mastoloni does a lot of infographics on Instagram to impart bits of information. The brand shares celebrity and runway pearl sightings, pearl articles and layouts, and gift guides and style tips that include pearls.

Mastoloni has a signature way of photographing pearls by a big window looking out into its Manhattan neighborhood—on hands and wrists, as well as vignettes. It also shows pearls against colorful flowers and interesting textures.

Diverse Posts
Many retailers focus their social media posts on diamonds, but pearls offer a lot of diversity to celebrate, as fashion’s favorite accessories. Ross cites the Honora’s retail partner J.R. Dunn in Lighthouse Point, Florida as a great example of a jeweler who leverages the power of social media, including Instagram carousel ads with Honora pearls. She encourages jewelers to work with their suppliers to push content to amplify social media engagement for pearls.

Instagram has become the app-of-choice for fashion and jewelry followers, says Cali. What makes the platform so appealing is its ability to build relationships, not to hard sell. Instagram is a platform that builds desire, she says. Consistent social media posts put your pearls in front of your followers in a way that a physical store cannot achieve.

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