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Changing Times and The Retail Jeweler: What to expect from the economy, technology and customer over the next 5 years

This presentation was made by Steve Forbes at the 2nd Annual Plumb Club Breakfast Symposium on June 1st, 2013 at the JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show.

As the title of the presentation implies, Steve Forbes, world renowned economist, businessman and publisher shared his personal observations with a standing room only crowd of over 1,000 on our changing times and the retail jeweler. As you listen to Mr. Forbes speak,  you will gain insight to our economy and the driving forces behind it, how technology plays a role in today’s marketplace, and, the effect these things have on today’s consumer.

As Mr. Forbes concludes his presentation,  he takes the information provided and suggests ways jewelers can use it to help navigate their businesses towards growth and success.


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