What Are Mother’s Rings?

Mother’s Day gifts are always appreciated—whether they are the expensive variety or handmade by the children. But you can’t go wrong with jewelry.

When considering a gift of jewelry for Mother’s Day, there are many options, from traditional diamonds and birthstones to something more personalized. A mother’s ring is a very personalized jewelry gift that has strong sentimental value.

What is a Mother’s Ring?

While many people choose to give birthstone jewelry for special occasions, the birthstones are typically the recipient’s. In the case of a mother’s ring, the ring contains the children’s birthstones instead.

Mother’s rings can be found in various styles and metals. Some are simple bands, with the children’s birthstones in a row. Others have more elaborate designs, or the birthstones are arranged around a centered gemstone, such as a diamond.

While many mother’s rings only contain children’s birthstones, some include the parents’ birthstones as well.

There is also the option to give rings to grandmothers, with the grandchildren’s birthstones used in the settings.

With a personalized jewelry gift, you have many options to make a truly, one-of-a-kind piece, that is as meaningful as it is beautiful. Mother’s rings often are considered family heirlooms, passed down and cherished through the generations.

Other Mother’s Day Jewelry Options

The options for Mother’s Day jewelry gifts are endless, and they don’t stop at rings. An arrangement of children’s birthstones can be featured on a necklace or bracelet.

Some designs also offer options for adding special sentiments, a verse or snippet of poetry, or simply an important word on the bracelet band or necklace pendant. Other necklace designs include meaningful charms or charms containing the children’s birthstones.

Lockets are another beloved Mother’s Day gift. They can be inscribed or personalized with birthstones, and family photos can be contained inside.


Source: American Gem Society