WeddingWire 2020 Wedding Report

This report is based on the largest study of today’s wedding planning journey in the United States, based on data from over 25,000 couples married¬†in 2019.


When it comes to finding a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, 45% of proposers begin researching/looking for rings more than five months ahead of the proposal, with 71% making the final purchase less than two months prior. Forty percent purchase the ring from a local retailer, 30% at a national chain, and 10% from an online retailer. While features such as stone type, size and brand all greatly impact cost, roughly half of couples will spend under $5,000 on the engagement ring (though 20% spend more than $10K).

Couples consider style/setting to be the most important aspect of an engagement ring. In fact, nearly 80% admit to dropping hints about their ring preferences and 7 out of 10 have some involvement in selecting and/or purchasing the ring itself.

Did you know? On average, proposers visit three retailers in person and look at 15 rings before making a decision.

The Proposal

From picking the location to hiring a photographer and even planning a post-engagement get-together with family and friends, over 40% of proposers start putting plans in place one to three months in advance of the proposal.

Over 90% of couples announce their ‚Äú#justsaidyes‚ÄĚ moment on social media, with the majority announcing within a day or two of their¬†engagement (76%).

Though factors such as length of engagement, location and venue type impact a couples’ decision on when to get married, fall continues to be peak wedding season nationwide. Nearly 50% of fall ceremonies take place outdoors. As we look ahead to 2020, data already indicates that October will be the most popular month to get married for the fourth consecutive year.


From engagement length to guest count and even how they meet, today’s couples are changing it up. In fact,just 12 years ago, the average couple got married at age 27 (now, the average is 32) and only 12% of couples met online. Today, that number is nearly double and online dating is the most popular way newlyweds-to-be meet. As today’s couples are prioritizing other aspects of their life before marriage, it’s no surprise we’re seeing shifts in their behaviors, sentiment and how they’re communicating with their partner before getting married.

Source: WeddingWire,