Best Laid Plans

JCK Las Vegas 2022 is expected to be bustling with activity, as it moves back closer to its historical dates, scheduled for June 10 to 13 at The Venetian Expo.

With the 2022 holiday season likely to be the first “normal” holiday since 2019, this year’s event is predicted to be especially busy with a big turnout of jewelers, many of whom may not have been to JCK in four years,

Member companies in the premier Plumb Club Pavilion share insights and ideas for jewelers planning their agenda for this year’s highly anticipated show.

Develop Action Plan
Plan and map out things ahead of time, advocates Theresa Namie, merchandise manager for the manufacturer Ostbye. “Make appointments with those that you know you want to buy from, and plan around those areas to look at new product.”

Ray and Fran Mastoloni, for the pearl house Mastoloni, underscore the importance of making appointments for the show. “This will guarantee you the time and focused attention you deserve.”

As jewelers strategize, consider what the next steps are for your brand, and what you need in order to reach the next level, advises Michael Holland, marketing manager for The Kingswood Company. “The last few years have really shown us some areas that we can focus on to move our businesses forward. Take advantage of those opportunities when they present themselves.”

Seize the Day
Customers are coming back into the marketplace, and they are coming back to get what you offer, reminds Holland. “If there is an area of opportunity that your store has, seize it and make sure you are offering your customers what they are looking for when they come back into your store. Also, be open to ecommerce as a new sales channel, as the pandemic has shown it is not only viable, but almost a necessity if you are going to do business in our post-pandemic markets.”

While shopping the show, if you do find something you love and want, make a commitment, encourages Kathy Grenier, vice president of business development for Imperial Pearl. “People who are coming to the show are coming with intention, because they want to invest in their business. Your suppliers need to know what you want, and we need to know ahead of time. Given the supply chain challenges, the sooner jewelers can place their orders the better.”

Network & Team Up
“Talk to as many people as you can at the show to get the pulse on what is happening now and for the near future,” suggests Namie. “This is a good time to reconnect and learn from peers and other industry players. Take the time to soak in the information and use the 10% that will be valuable for your situation.”

The show will be a good post pandemic opportunity to understand where customers have landed and how we can be a better product supplier in the current environment, says Sean McCormick, sales and marketing for Novell Global.  We are also excited to present retailers with our new marketing and merchandising initiatives in person.

See Firsthand
Meeting in person affords the opportunity to experience live demonstrations, not only in handling the jewelry, but also in exploring the tools many suppliers are providing for retailers and their customers.

At The Kingswood Company booth in The Plumb Club jewelers can find out why   its new wholesale jewelry care line, Clean + Care, and is a bestseller for jewelers in 2022. “We’ve continued the steady growth we were able to attain through the pandemic, and now that the world is starting to open back up, we are seeing more customers looking to expand their private-label and our new Clean + Care product line (available with low minimum orders and short lead times).”

Or pop over to Frederick Goldman to view its one-stop solution for customers looking to create custom-designed engagement rings, stackable rings and anniversary bands. As CEO Jonathan Goldman underscores, today’s bridal consumers want the ability to customize their jewelry in some way, and with custom meaning different things to different customers, Frederick Goldman’s new TruCustom, an extension of its robust bridal category, offers three levels of custom service, designed to cover every scenario a retailer might encounter.

Spend Time in Uplifting Places
Fulfilling its mission to educate, innovate and connect, The Plumb Club has created not only a pavilion of curated members from every facet of the jewelry industry, but an immersive, comprehensive, ever evolving resource center for jewelers that lives beyond JCK Las Vegas, 365 days a year.

“I like what The Plumb Club is doing, offering things that help retailers to be successful in business,” cheers Grenier. “If you’re helping people on multiple levels they will look to you again and again.” Holland concurs that The Plumb Club has done a good job of promoting the resource center, and filling it with an immense amount of valuable information.

Business continues to be good following a great holiday season for retail jewelers, says Namie, who encourages jewelers to team up with their vendors.  “We continue to look for ways to collaborate with our stores to be successful in all aspects of the jewelry industry. We are glad to talk through the concerns the last couple of years have raised and find solutions together.”

At The Plumb Club there are experts in every field, including a gemological laboratory, Gemological Science International (GSI) that became one of the group’s latest new members.

“We were honored to be the first and so far only gemological laboratory to join this prestigious organization,” shares Debbie Azar, president and co-founder. “We look forward to helping The Plumb Club maintain its leadership position, doing whatever we can to enhance its positive impact on the diamond and jewelry industry.” GSI is recognized for its lab-grown diamond education, being the first gem lab to offer courses on lab-grown diamonds. Exhibiting at TPC pavilion, GSI looks forward to bringing it leadership, expertise and scientific and experiential knowledge to TPC’s Jewelers Resource Center.