The State of Jewelry Retailing: Who’s Buying, Where and Why?

A Step-by-Step Retail Approach Provided by The Responsible Jewelry Council and The Plumb Club

The Plumb Club, in connection with InStore Magazine was pleased to present an important webinar for retailers seeking to connect with today’s consumer entitled, “The State of Jewelry Retailing: Who’s Buying, Where and Why?”. The virtual presentation was held in the Jewelers Resource Center Auditorium on Tuesday, April 18 at 2pm EST.

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Panelists discussed the growing importance of sustainability to consumers and how it can add business value and engage new customers. US Retailers learned about the RJC mission and retail tools that they can use to add value to their businesses. Additionally, RJC retail member case studies were shared, which highlighted the ways in which sustainability has enhanced their business and sales. Further, attendees were provided a practical step-by-step approach to help implement sustainability into their business strategy.