The Plumb Club’s March Podcasts: Ways to Build Loyal, Repeat & Educated Customers


New York – With jewelry retail, structuring marketing, merchandising and sales plans around creating and building long-term relationships with customers can increase both sales and profits. Additionally, the ability to showcase new categories and knowledgably answer questions can expose a store to a new and upcoming market segment. The Plumb Club’s Podcasts for March help retailers gain valuable insight into these areas and provide key and actionable tips on both. The podcasts, delivered by experts in the field, are available in the “Listen” area of the Jewelers Resource Center along with an extensive library of other retailer dedicated topics.

Seed to Stone: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Premium Diamond Growth Process: Consumer demand for lab grown diamonds continues to rise. It is more important than ever that a retailer can accurately and powerfully share the unique story behind lab grown diamonds. In this podcast Brittany Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer and Dr. Jonathan Levine-Miles, Chief Process Officer for WD Lab Grown Diamonds give a clear overview of the premium lab grown diamond growth process, to ensure retailers can answer questions at point of sale. They provide fun facts about lab grown diamond growth, as well as talking points on sustainability and traceability and give retail tips on engaging the next generation customer. WD Lab Grown Diamonds is a leading lab grown diamond manufacturer, founded in 2008. A global leader in high-quality laboratory created diamonds with distribution under the brands WD Lab Grown Diamonds and Latitude.

Building Your Business with Diamond Milestones: Long term customer relationships are vital to the success of your business. In this podcast sponsored by Jasani Group, Cheryl Kremkow shares how building a relationship starting from the engagement ring purchase and focusing on customer lifecycles can increase sales and profits. Structuring marketing, merchandising and sales on life’s milestones can help a retailer make sure customers come back to their store to celebrate all their important occasions. Jasani Group is a vertically integrated company with expertise in all facets of the diamond industry, from rough diamond trading to state-of-the-art diamond manufacturing, global distribution, jewelry manufacturing and marketing of branded jewelry.


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