The Growing Product Category of Gemstones are Focus of Plumb Club Podcasts

New York – The Plumb Club is pleased to introduce the first podcasts of 2024, highlighting the growing importance of the colored gemstone category to retail jewelers. These two new podcasts will help retailers understand the factors that are contributing to the category’s rise and illustrate the consumers increased awareness and driving demand for gemstones across several product sectors. Both podcasts, delivered by experts in their field, are available in the listening area of the Jewelers Resource Center along with an extensive library of other retailer dedicated topics.

Beyond The Sparkle – Gemstones in Modern Consumer Trends: Gemstones are an important part of a well-rounded assortment for jewelry stores. The gemstone market is experiencing steady growth and is projected to increase over 50% in the next number of years. Anthony Marotta, of Plumb Club Member Prime-Art & Jewel (PAJ), showcases the rise of gemstones and highlights some of the elements that are spurring consumer knowledge and growth in the category.  He talks about the increasing popularity of lab grown gemstones and some of the current trends in gender neutral jewelry, jewelry with meaning and symbolism, as well as colored gemstone bridal and statement pieces. PAJ has made a name for itself as one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in the world, with their use of superior craftsmanship and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Say Yes to Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings:  The market for colored gemstone engagement rings has been growing steadily over the past few years. Cheryl Kremkow, on behalf of Plumb Club Member Carl K. Gumpert, shares ways you can make the most of this opportunity. Hear from experts Marty Hurwitz of market research firm The MVEye, Severine Ferrari, founder of Engagement 101 and jewelry journalist and trend forecaster Jennifer Heebner on the consumers driving demand, top trends, and what you can do to capture more sales of unique engagement rings for your store. With over 70 years in the jewelry industry, Carl K. Gumpert, Inc. is a major fine jewelry manufacturer and diamond supplier, providing its customers with individualized manufacturing services and outstanding quality and value.


 Podcasts are added monthly. For access to the newest Plumb Club podcasts, as well as previous ones, please click here.