Platinum Guild International USA is the industry’s resource for all things platinum jewelry – from metal information and education to technical resources. Our mission is to inspire jewelers and customers alike to build an enduring commitment for platinum that withstands the test of time.

One area of particular focus is technical education, a key pillar on our trade-facing website, On the site is a section dedicated to our Quality Assurance Benchmarks, a set of standards designed along with GIA, which provide a wealth of information, ensuring the designing and manufacturing of jewelry that will last for generations.

The four key areas of the QABs are:

  • Ring Sizing – Accurately determining finger and ring size, and sizing rings with and without diamonds in the shank using a torch or laser welder
    • This section also drills down into sizing platinum rings of various alloys, with and without diamonds in the shank

  • Finishing and Polishing – Techniques for pre-finishing, finishing, polishing and buffing for quality results
    • This section includes information on refinishing worn platinum jewelry and evaluating burnished platinum

  • Assembly and Setting – Features of platinum settings, including removal and installation of settings, assembly of platinum products to gold, and best practices for wear
    • Explore this track to learn more about prong settings

  • Tools and Metal Identification – Characteristics of platinum alloys, and best practices for working with platinum, including tools and avoiding contamination

Visit for more useful information about the designing and manufacturing of platinum jewelry. For specific inquiries or technical questions, email PGI USA’s SVP, Kevin Reilly, at