Symposium ’24 Registration for VIPs


The Plumb Club is pleased to partner with JCK, and Jewelers Mutual® as the founding sponsor, to host an exclusive two-day retailer-focused learning forum, “Symposium ‘24”. The inaugural leadership event will take place on March 10th and 11th, 2024, extending New York’s week of jewelry festivities. Conveniently located at 360 Madison Avenue (entrance on 45th Street), the venue is within close proximity to other industry meetings and celebrations in midtown Manhattan.



• Target audience includes industry leaders, top retail executives and key buyers
• Maximum capacity of 300 attendees
•  Keynotes include Lori Greiner, author, inventor, and star of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” and Robert “Cujo” Teschner, former US Air Force expert on post-mission debriefing
•  Educational sessions and round-table discussions will focus on three areas: General Business, Marketing and Trends
•  Each area of focus will have multiple learning tracks that will be selected in advance by each attendee
•  Cocktail / Networking reception at the end of each day with evenings free for socializing.

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Hotel Room Offer for Two Free Nights
Limited time only

With our overwhelming sponsorship support, we are now able to provide up to two (2) paid hotel room nights to make your attendance as seamless and easy as possible.

Nights available for reimbursement are Saturday, Sunday and Monday, March 9 -11, 2024. The hotel may be of your choosing, but only $225 per night (total maximum of $550.00) will be reimbursed.

To take advantage of this offer, you must submit a copy of your hotel confirmation to Symposium ‘24 no later than 3/4/2024 and then supply a paid hotel bill by 3/25/2024. You must also have attended Symposium ’24 (This will be verified by picking up your badge at the venue).

Submissions must be sent to: Reimbursement will be made via ACH electronic payment and banking information will be required.

This offer is on a first come, first served basis, and is limited. Once Symposium ‘24 receives your Hotel Confirmation, you will receive a reply confirming that we have reserved your reimbursement offer. All reimbursements will be made by April 15th. Late submissions will not be accepted or reimbursed.





SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2024

Following Brunch:

KEYNOTE: 12:00PM – 1:00PM

Title/Speaker: Ensuring Success is Looking Through the Windshield and Not the Rearview Mirror – Lori Greiner

Credential/Bio: Shark on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, Prolific Inventor, Entrepreneur, Producer and Humanitarian, International best-selling author.

Session Description: The success of any company or entrepreneur is the ability to focus and evaluate what’s coming up on the horizon, whether that’s new products, new technology, or new ways of operating. Businesses can’t thrive and grow simply by providing the same things that they have in the past, or doing things in the same way as before. Lori will share relevant insights from her successful experience in creating brands, bringing products to market and generating millions in sales that will resonate with the jewelry category. Attendees will leave emboldened to think like an innovative entrepreneur and with the tools they need to take their brand to the next level.


Title/Speaker:  Customer Strategy in the Age of AI – David Edelman

Credential/Bio: Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Harvard Business School, Advisor – AI, Digitization, Go-To-Market Strategy, Marketing Organization, Agile Operations. Forbes – on of the most “influential CMO’s in the world”.

Session Description: As consumers experience more personalization, omnichannel access, and real-time response, they are expecting breakthrough experiences from the brands they deal with — especially for highly considered purchases, such as jewelry. With the consumer journey constantly changing, brands and retailers need to understand the possibilities enabled by AI, how it works, and how to make it work for your business. David Edelman will share his learning from helping brands adopt AI and digital capabilities at scale, illustrated through     fresh examples and clear actions you can take immediately.


Title/Speaker: Unlocking Platinum’s Competitive Edge For Your Business – Benny Oeyen

Credential/Bio: Executive Head, Market Development for Anglo American

Session Description: Attendees will unearth the allure of this precious metal, platinum, explore its journey, diverse applications, and the value it provides to jewelry retailers and consumers alike.



Title/Speaker:  – Deliver a Better Experience, For Every Kind of Customer – Kelly McDonald

Credential/Bio: Marketing and Advertising Specialist, Top Expert in Consumer Trends, Generational Differences, Leveraging Customer Experience. Founder McDonald Marketing – twice named “Top Agency” by Advertising Age

Session Description: To stand apart from competition, retain existing customers and grow business, it’s about offering an experience like no other. This engaging and high content session will cover eight ways to leverage macro trends to show customer that you “get them”. These tactics will raise the bar, keep customers coming back, and foster higher employee engagement and retention. Learn specific no-cost tactics that can be applied right away.



Title/Speaker: Shopping in a PostPan World: A Hard Look at the Impact of COVID on our consuming culture – Paco Underhill

Credential/Bio: Environmental psychologist/Founder of Envirosell. New York Times Bestselling author: “Why We Buy”, “Call of the Mall”.

Session Description: The pandemic either altered or accelerated many shopping trends. As a result, the tools and tactics of retail have had to change. Using global examples, with a focus on the US, Underhill will go through these shifts and educate retailers on how they best adapt to selling to a post-pandemic customer.



Title/Speaker: Insights unleashed: Navigating the Retail Revolution – Krystle Craycraft

Credential/Bio: SVP of Marketing and Digital for Jewelers Mutual.

Session Description:   Jewelers Mutual will present insights and trends that will enable retailers to make important business decisions in 2024 and beyond. Through Jewelers Mutual’s extensive research and its access to various industry advisory councils and think tanks, it will share leading, new research that applies to today’s retail buyer. Attendees will walk away with information and tools to help them navigate, elevate and grow their businesses into the future.


 Business Development in a World That Never Stops Changing – Frank Cespedes (Case Study) (This learning session will cover 2 time-slots, ending at 5PM)

Credential/Bio: Senior Lecturer and Harvard Business School, Faculty Chair, Aligning Strategy and Sales. Author of 6 recognizable books

Session Description: The focus is sales management and linking business development investments with company’s growth strategy. The session has two parts: first, discussion of a case study; and, second, a presentation and Q&A about what is and is not changing in sales as a result of online technologies and the implications for sales hiring, training, and performance management practices on customer experience.




Title/Speaker: Adornment and Evolution of the Jewelry Customer: A Summary of Findings from Prototype Jewelry Store/Department Studies  –Paco Underhill


Environmental psychologist/Founder of Envirosell. New York Times Bestselling author: “Why We Buy”, “Call of the Mall”.

Session Description: There’s been an “intrusion” in adornment, that lay in the crossover between jewelry and “craft” and that competition for jewelry retail has gotten more interesting. Underhill will take the audience through this growing evolution, and highlight the differences in customer behavior, within the same store, depending upon the location of that store.


Title/Speaker: Sustainability: A Golden Opportunity – Learnings from European Retailers  Pia Heidenmark Cook

Credential/Bio: Senior ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and Sustainability Leader, Former Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA. Named among top 10 female leaders in sustainability.

Session Description: There is a very positive business case for sustainability that creates a benefit for retailers. Pia Heidenmark Cook, former Chief Sustainability Officer of retail giant IKEA, shares learnings in terms of changing customer and employee demands, and market trends. She will also discuss how to use sustainability as a way to drive long-term value creation.


MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2024

Following Breakfast:

KEYNOTE: 10:30AM – 11:30AM

Title/Speaker: Debrief to Win – Robert “Cujo” Teschner

Credential/Bio: Best-Selling Author of “Debrief to Win” and “Building Resilience”, Award-winning fighter pilot and colonel, Former US Air Force expert of post-mission debriefing.

Session Description: Accountability is the driver of performance. It’s also tough to achieve, especially in today’s world. In this inspirational keynote, former US Air Force “Top Gun” instructor Robert “Cujo” Teschner will share how high-performance teams ‘de-weaponize’ accountability and harness it to create learning organizations so you can too.

  • Explore why a “Shared Mission” orientation to our work sets up accountability while driving buy-in;
  • Learn how “Common Purpose” is a motivating force that drives home the importance of the Shared Mission orientation, driving engagement;
  • Discover how positive, forward-focused accountability can be a force multiplier in an organization, as well as at home, creating teams that win in disruption.


Title/Speaker: – Debrief to Win Workshop – Robert “Cujo” Teschner

Credential/Bio: Best-Selling Author of “Debrief to Win” and “Building Resilience”, Award-winning fighter pilot and colonel, Former US Air Force expert of post-mission debriefing

Session Description: Gain a foundational knowledge of “The Debrief”. Cujo’s engaging breakout session will teach more about accountability as a learning tool. Continuous learning, not continuous improvement is critical to success. Cujo unpacks the full power of the fighter pilot post-mission “Debrief” to help you understand how to build real teams that win. Begin to re-think accountability as a competitive advantage in business.  Explore ways to bring it to life in your organization.


Title/Speaker: What Responsibility Means Right Now – Tiffany Stevens and Melanie Grant

Credential/Bio: Tiffany Stevens, CEO & General Counsel: Jewelers Vigilance Committee. Melanie Grant, Executive Director: Responsible Jewelry Council

Session Description: There are so many challenges and opportunities today to do better business. Your customers are evolving and the laws dealing with your products are changing. How do you manage to be responsible and compliant while still courting new customers and getting them in the door. Learn about strategies to marry responsible messaging with your own branding and understand the most current laws impacting what you can sell and what you can say. Update on G7.


Title/Speaker: – Aliza Licht

Title/Speaker: No One is Thinking About Your Brand. Here’s How to Get Them To– Aliza Licht

Credential/Bio: Founder of LEAVE YOUR MARK. Brand Marketing, Social Media, and Personal Branding Expert. Bestselling Author of “Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It In Your Career. Rock Social Media” and “ON BRAND: Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception”. One of Business Insider’s “Top 20 Most Innovative Career Coaches”

Session Description: Gone are the days of hoping your brand speaks for itself. Breaking news: No one is thinking about your brand. The good news is repetition is reputation. Strong brands control their narrative, share compelling stories, and set themselves apart from the pack. They also know how to convey who they are, no matter the medium. Do people perceive your brand the way you want them to? Are you cultivating customer brand loyalty and trust? Are you leaning into innovation and social media? In this talk, Aliza Licht will explore effective ways to build brand affinity that sticks and how to make your brand shine bright like a diamond.


Title/Speaker: Branding, Innovation and Growth In a Changing Industry: – Raphael Carty (Case Study: Bynd Artisan) (This learning session will cover 2 time-slots ending at 4pm)

Credential/Bio: Adjunct Professor at NYU Stern Business School and former Harvard marketing professor. Advisor: Branding, Strategic Marketing, GTM Strategy, Positioning, Digital Transformation, Product Management, Applying AI, Product-Market Fit, Demand Generation. 20+ years of marketing in consumer and B2B markets from startups to the Fortune 500.

Session Description: This session will be led by Professor Raphael Carty of NYU’s Stern School of Business. The focus is the branding, innovation and channel selection to drive business growth and reach younger (Gen Z) customers. Although the case study is not set in the jewelry industry, there are parallels to our business. This is a luxury gift purchase of an artisanal product with a similar distribution model.

(All registrants will be sent the case study and prep questions. Participants should attend having read the material to enhance the quality of discussion)

Title/Speaker: Addressing Important Contextual Shifts in Selling Diamonds – Ivette Nersesyan-Stephanopoulos

Credential/Bio: Vice President, Code of Origin & Trade Services North America, De Beers Group

Session Description: Selling diamonds is a changing landscape. It’s important that retailers understand the contextual shifts that are affecting the category.  Connect each of your clients with the unique story behind their diamond by telling that diamonds story, what makes it unique, rare and personal, as well as the positive impact that it has created for people and the planet.


Title/Speaker: Russian Sanctions and Retail. Profound Impacts, Opaque Requirements – Sara Yood
Credential/Bio: Deputy General Counsel, Jewelers Vigilance Committee

Session Description: On March 1, the G7 sanctions on Russian diamonds over 1 carat go into place in the US, significantly changing how the industry sources and traces diamonds. With the September 1 0.5 carat threshold around the corner and in the midst of the G7’s “pilot” phase, retailers are wondering what happens now while the trade scrambles to implement traceability requirements. Get a summary of the sanctions implementation to date and what to expect in the next six months. Then ask your provocative questions and your convoluted conundrums on the issues keeping you up at night.



Title/Speaker: Trendsetters Talk: The Importance of Ever-Evolving Metal Trends in Fine Jewelry – Michelle Orman, Severine Ferrari, Kathy Lee 

Credential/Bio: Michelle Orman, President of Last Word Communications. Severine Ferrari, Editor in Chief of Engagement 101. Kathy Lee, Editor in Chief of The Zoe Report.

Session Description: A moderated panel will cover a wide range of topics including how metal trends have evolved over the past 100 years, metal considerations when designing for bridal vs. fashion jewelry, and what do those in the know foresee consumers wanting in 2024 and beyond.


Title/Speaker: Between Two Nerds: Setting Jewelers Up For Digital Success – Zach Lipsky, Michael Schechter, Jen Cullen Williams

Credential/Bio: Zach Lipsky, President BOSS Logics. Michael Schechter, Vice President OMNI Channel Strategy BOSS Logics. Jen Cullen Williams, JCW Communications.

Session Description: A lively and thought-provoking session that delves into the challenges jewelers face when translating digital possibilities into tangible business outcomes. How can jewelers turn digital possibilities into game-changing realities.