Richline’s CEO, Dave Meleski, Elected Responsible Jewlery Council (RJC) Chair

Fellow 2005 Founding Member Follows Signet Jewelers Ltd.’s David Bouffard

March 4, 2024, London. Today, the RJC is pleased to announce that Dave Meleski, President, and CEO of Richline Group, has been elected as the Chair of the Responsible Jewlery Council (RJC).

The RJC looks forward to the new Chair steering the team and the ever-growing RJC Membership into the future with his clear vision for the changing modern world of our industry, from mine to retail, for fine jewelry and watches.  Meleski follows in the esteemed footsteps of David Bouffard, who steps down on Monday, March 18, 2024, who is term-limited having been elected in 2018 to two three-year terms in the role.

“It is a critical time for the RJC to continue to grow and lead the global supply chain in setting standards for our industry,” Meleski stated.  He added, “Richline has been involved at a Board and committee level since the beginning of the RJC, and, as a global manufacturing company with retail customers around the world, we have helped promote the importance of the RJC as our singular voice for compliance standards since its inception.  I am excited to follow David Bouffard as Chair and thank him for his leadership these past six years.  I look forward to working with our entire Board of Directors to push the RJC to even greater reach in my term as Chair.”

David Bouffard

“It has been an honor to serve as the Chair of the RJC for six years – a truly challenging yet rewarding experience of a lifetime, especially representing Signet, one of the RJC’s Founding Members,” said David Bouffard, RJC Chair, and Signet Fellow of Industry Affairs. “Companies like Signet and Richline, along with the valued team members and Boards of Directors over the past 20 years, have taken the RJC from a 14-Founding Member organization when launched in 2005 to one that is growing stronger each month with over 1800 members to date.”

“Thanks for David for providing great wisdom and support as Chair during my first year as Executive Director.  I’ll be sad to see him go but excited at the prospect of this new era under Dave’s leadership as the RJC goes from strength to strength.” said Melanie Grant, RJC Executive Director.

 Melanie Grant, RJC Executive Director, will report directly to Mr. Meleski. The RJC would also like to thank Edward Asscher, Honorary Chairman of Asscher Diamonds, for volunteering to run for the Chair position. Mr. Asscher will remain as Vice-Chair of the RJC.