Retail Growth Categories are Focus of Plumb Club April Podcasts

New York – The educational Plumb Club monthly podcast postings for April have just been added to the learning library. The podcasts, by industry experts, focus on two areas that continue to grow within the jewelry industry, the increasing importance of special and custom orders and the growth in popularity of colored diamonds. Retailers will get an in-depth understanding about why each is important to their business, along with strategies and tips on how both can augment sales.

The Growth and Opportunity in Colored Diamonds: Colored diamonds can help a store stand out from competition, but with the growing increased consumer desire surrounding the category, they can represent increased sales opportunities to customers who are looking for the unique. Mark Funk talks about the growth of colored diamonds in Hollywood and among consumers in general, providing fun facts and historical stories about the various colors of diamond.  Mark Funk is the vice president of sales and marketing at CIRARI by Color Jewels, a prime source manufacturer building all categories of product, with a strong commitment to the expansion of colored diamonds.


The Rise and Importance of Special and Custom Orders: Customers today want more personalization and customization in everything that they buy, and retail stores can cater to that desire, often significantly increasing ROI and the ticket-price of the sale. Stuart Marcus and Binoy Shah provide numerous statistics on just how important customization is to several target consumer markets and why retailers should be embracing this customer. They provide tips on interacting with the special-order customer and advice on what to look for in manufacturer support, to help take confusion away and ease the sale. Stuart Marcus and Binoy Shah are with Asian Star, a preferred supply partner of leading brands and retail chains across the world for brilliant diamonds and innovative jewelry.

Podcasts are added monthly. For access to the newest Plumb Club podcasts, as well as previous ones, please click here.