Interior Design: Not Just For Windows!!

The Benefits of Using Drapery as an Interior Design Element

Often, people have a single-minded view of elements used in an interior and where that element should be placed. Take draperies, for example. One automatically thinks windows and, of course, that is correct. Draperies frame and add texture and elegance, and often a pop of color, to a window. However, think outside of the box for a moment!!

In addition to being placed around windows, a great design idea is to use fabric, in a drapery style, to enhance the ambiance of the walls of a store. A well thought out drapery can create the illusion of a window and can also provide an exquisite backdrop for interior walls, while also evoking a warm and cozy feel. This can greatly contribute to the look and feel of a store and enhance a customer perception. There are great creative ways to use the look of drapery to accomplish fresh design looks. When choosing to use drapery it is important that a store owner remember to use fabrics that are made specifically for commercial purposes. Additionally, you should think of the following benefits:

Establishing Ambiance: Establishing and creating ambiance is probably one of the most popular and important reasons for a store owner to consider drapery for an interior. Choosing a luxurious commercial fabric enhances the stores overall image, while providing eye interest and texture. The interior design created using drapery fabric for Koerber’s Fine Jewelry in New Albany, IN adds the sense of a residential touch and creates warmth to the surroundings. Additionally, it creates a chic and modern “floating feeling” for the long wall of light boxes that are used to promote the specific jewelry lines that the store carries. 

Adding Rich Color and Intimacy: Using drapery fabric can also allow you to add some rich color to an interior wall, perhaps picking up on of the smaller accent colors within the store or can be done in a more neutral color to make internal furnishings pop. Drapery used in either a store’s front entrance or for interior rooms give the space length, breadth and height. For internal meeting rooms or VIP rooms, the warmth of drapery provides the space a feeling of intimacy, thereby making a meeting or customer transaction feel warmer and perhaps even more special (see photo below of the formal VIP room with draperies around all the walls). 

There are so many benefits when considering drapery as an element of a store interior. They can bring a soft glow to the space, create a neutral backdrop – or add pop and lend softness to the atmosphere, specifically in environments where there are a lot of hard materials such as glass, mirror and stone are being used. The type of fabric also creates an impact. For example, faux silk can provide a subtle shimmer, while velvets can add depth and luxury to the environment, not to mention the sound absorbing qualities.  A choice of drapery provides that added layer of luxury without the distraction from the main attraction – the products being offered for sale.

About the Author: Leslie McGwire™ has over 35 years in business development, interior design, equipment, furniture sales and marketing services in retail and jewelry-based businesses. Leslie has won over 25 national design awards, including the prestigious Salon Today and INSTORE Jewelry Store awards. Leslie has a true passion for business, design for the jewelry and retail industries. Visit for more information.