Interior Design: Jewelry Store Functional Interior Design

Jewelry exists in people’s lives as luxury goods. Jewelry stores with beautiful interior¬†design and decoration style are more popular amongst most luxury goods consumers. Everyone has different ideas on how to create their store. The jewelry store can be made into many styles but, no matter what kind of style you choose, it must be high-end to sell jewelry.

Some jewelry store owners have their own concepts for their stores to make them special and functional. A good store layout and special services can attract many customers. Take a look at some ¬†modern interior design of jewelry stores with functional areas. Jewelry stores generally use luxurious decoration design, but this store adopts a modern, simple style. It provides customers with a sense of elegance and grace and improves the consumer experience of shopping. I designed Don Basch Jewelers for their valued customer from ‚ÄúConcept to Completion.‚Ä̬†

Jewelry Store Exterior Design: The outdoor design includes the door head design of the storefront, the window, and so on. The design of the jewelry store should be novel and be able to attract the attention of consumers. The design of the windows is basically set with props and best-selling jewelry. This jewelry store’s exterior design is simple and without other decoration. Its color is unified. The signboard has a 3-D luminous logo at the store’s middle.  Because the exterior design is without other decorations, the logo and consumers can see it easily. In this way, the luminous logo can leave people impressed and remember the store directly. Because the exterior glass is not a wall, it can pique potential consumers’ curiosity. See picture below of Don Basch exterior building.

Jewelry Store Layout Display: For jewelry stores, there is a need to be particular about the layout. A suitable layout can make people feel comfortable and relaxed. The layout design requires an arrangement of space and area. Some jewelry owners like to divide the store into three different areas. The right side of the store is the main part to display jewelry. The middle area is the living room style (customer resting area) with chairs, TV, fireplace, tables with a bar to treat their consumers, and other side area is the reception room. These basic areas are interconnected and lead consumers to come into every room freely. The store is functional because of the different services. It is unique to other common jewelry stores as it does not include the back-office section. This approach makes the layout of the store very comfortable. The jewelry owner is full of imagination, and jewelry store interior designers transform their ideas into reality. See picture below of Don Basch living room area.

Interior Design: If the jewelry store has been divided into three different parts, then every area has its own interior decoration design. However, the overall style of the store is the same throughout. The main color tone of the shop is white and requires that every part has its relevant features. Let’s look at the rooms’ design one by one. The furniture is an important part of the store. For the jewelry display area, quality jewelry cases are essential, which follow the interior design style. The cabinets are a warm brown with glass layers to hold the products. The 3-D logo is on the logo wall usually near the POS. This can enhance the store’s branding. See picture below of Don Basch Jewelers POS area with logo.

The proper LED lights are at the top of the ceiling shine on the jewelry in their cases. The cabinet bottom has storage space for accessories, such as the jewelry packaging bags. Jewelry store owners can also put some countertop cases to show products near the bar counter. The living room area, including bar counter, also has storage space. At the showcase area, consumers can enter from another area of the store. The jewelry store, in addition to the display part, also has another a customer resting area. This leaves many spaces for people to see the jewelry, especially in VIP rooms.

The food area is a special part of the store. The owner considers the consumer’s experience and offers food service. The staff can make beverages and snacks to treat the consumers. The furniture for the living room area is comfortable and consumers can go into the jewelry room and see jewelry from the living room. It is a very effective and promotional way of doing business.

VIP Room: This room can treat many customers, especially VIP customers. The ceiling and wall interior design and decoration is the same as the jewelry room. The room may have a window, too. The consumer can speak with the manager or sales personnel, as well as the jewelry customization services team. The table and chairs area can also be put at the front, near the door. An individual reception room can let people know the jewelry store regards them as valued consumers and offers exceptional service and a nice shopping atmosphere. See picture below of Don Basch Jewelers Diamond/ VIP room.

Jewelry Display Fixture: For the jewelry store, the display fixture cases vary in style. The owner can accentuate the store’s style with showcases, counters, cabinets etc. with the interior designer. There are so many styles to choose from. But if you want them with your own features, a jewelry store’s interior design is the best way. The display showcase carries high-grade jewelry, so the display fixtures can’t be out-fashion and low level. When consumers can’t see the jewelry closely and clearly, they can feel that the jewelry may be at a poor level directly from the showcase. The display furniture can also affect the initial consumer’s impression just by passing the shopping window, because they can see the store’s inside layout, interior design, and display furniture. See picture below of Don Basch Jewelers circular display area for jewelry.

Conclusion: All creative imagination of the jewelry store’s owner can come true through with the correct interior design process and production. The store’s display fixture, style, atmosphere, color, interior designers can make it unique for the owner and competitive in the local community, as well as build the store’s brand in the minds of consumers.

About the Author: Leslie McGwire‚ĄĘ has over 35 years in business development, interior design, equipment, furniture sales and marketing services in retail and jewelry-based businesses. Leslie has won over 25 national design awards, including the prestigious Salon Today and INSTORE Jewelry Store ‚Äčawards. Leslie has a true passion for business, design for the jewelry and retail industries. Visit¬† for more information.