Innovations in Gold Jewelry

While karat-gold basics are a perennial favorite, it’s newness that draws customers into stores. New designs are the lifeblood of the fine-jewelry business, and gold is an inventory staple; together, and under the direction of karat gold manufacturing, design, and merchandising pros, innovations in gold jewelry continue to drive businesses forward.

Jasani USA

At Shefi Diamonds, diverse textures enhance creations, add drama and emphasis to elevate specific areas of interest, and more.

“Texture enhances the overall richness and value of creations,” according to Surbhi Jain, marketing director, whose Textura collection exemplifies the effect. “We’re seeing a growing inclination towards textured designs.”

It’s a similar story at the Elegant Collection for Jasani USA, which is adding different textured and finished pieces, including lightweight bracelets and flexible bangles, to its inventory. “Our retail clients are asking for them,” confirms Lachish Awad, manager of customer service.

Ostbye’s customers love convertible styles. Consider the brand’s 3-in-1 Enhanceables pendants that morph into earrings that can look like two different ones in a single pair.

“Clients like designs that can be worn in more ways than one,” says Theresa Namie, marketing manager.


To stay on top of client preferences and product directions, Namie devotes ample time to research. “We listen to our customers, watch for strong trends, attend trade shows, and constantly check out social media platforms,” she says.

Ditto for Cora Lee Colaizzi, marketing director, Quality Gold, Inc.

“Our research and development team watches fashion and keeps an eye on designers,” she says. “Our merchandisers attend international shows and are in touch with the top factories globally. And, of course, we listen to our retailers. They have an open line to the brand managers and our sales staff. We will do our best to source something for them if they want something specific.”

Quality Gold’s (QG) collections today include variations on popular link styles like the paperclip, puffed mariner, pocket watch chains, and mixed styles of chains like a byzantine with a more traditional link. The result is a modern option. In its Herco division, expect to see more endless clasp options “that give the impression that they are part of the chain,” explains brand director Paula Garcia. “We have findings that can be easily added so charms are hung from it in the front of the neck,” she continues. Her assortment of bracelets between 10 mm and 30 mm is also increasing.

Quality Gold

“We are adding pieces with textures and trendy patterns to mix and match with basics,” she says. “There will be some geometrics with crisp edges, and the HERCO product has a presence. My customer loves solid styles and products with weight and craftsmanship, and we listen to our customers as we decide on products to add to the brand.”

And while innovations are important, so are fashion trends. QG sees a return to styling from the 1980s and 1990s, including yellow gold, bold forms, oversize earrings, bib necklaces, and heavier links.

“Retailers aren’t asking us as much for innovative jewelry as much as they want fashion-forward and trending pieces for their stores that will sell,” adds Colaizzi. “Our retailers want to remain relevant and have options to provide customers seeking a trendy piece or two to freshen their choices and mix with their bread-and-butter basics.”

   Richline Group

At the Richline Group, it is leaning heavily into 3D manufacturing, which is evident in its new 3D Men’s Collection.

“We feel that innovation in 3D is in its infancy and that the potential is limitless,” says Elaine Klopman, director of marketing. “One of the advantages of working in 3D is that it allows us to develop fully backed cast product made as one single cast unit whereas in the past, this was impossible to achieve. One of our latest designs, our dagger pendant, features a snake coiled around the dagger, which would have been very difficult if not impossible to achieve with this level of intricate characteristics before the evolution of 3D execution.”