How to Host a Giveaway on Instagram

Social media giveaways can be a great way to increase your following, brand awareness, and consumer engagement in a very short time for a relatively low cost. This guide provided by PGIUSA is a helpful starting point for understanding social media giveaway best practices.


The Prize

Offer a prize that’s relevant to your brand and incentivizes entrants. Promote a platinum piece to show the quality your brand offers and to set it apart from competitors who don’t work with the world’s most precious metal. It’s important to curate multiple visuals of the prize so there is enough content to support the giveaway.

*Prizes that retail above $600 require the winner to provide the giveaway host with a completed W9 and signed affidavit prior to accepting the prize.



Create a content calendar clearly outlining the visuals and related copy for all posts (in feed and stories) during the giveaway period.

It is recommended to start each Instagram giveaway with an anchor post in-feed that uses the most captivating image and the copy introduces the rules and requirements. Boost this anchor post with paid media to result in reaching a targeted audience wider than the existing follower base; it is recommended to spend a minimum of $100 on promotion.

Re-post your anchor post on stories, and ask related partners to share as well. PGI will support all platinum jewelry-related giveaways by sharing your brand’s anchor post on IG stories.


Timing and Conditions

An average of 3-5 days is the recommended giveaway length. Include a statement releasing Instagram from any responsibility. For example:

Open to U.S. residents only. Giveaway will be closed (time and end date). Winner will be drawn by (date) and notified via Direct Message. Per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use.

How often should my company post on Facebook and Instagram? 

Fostering engagement on social media requires regularly sharing new content. Aim to post at least three times per week on each platform where you have a presence. Keep in mind that quality and consistency (e.g. sharing three strong posts every week) will be more effective than quantity (e.g. sharing three low-quality posts a day, when you remember to post).

Do you have tips on how to write compelling social media post copy? 

Writing compelling copy: Think of post copy as very short story. Ensure that this story is interesting and makes the user want to click or engage with your brand in some way. Always find at least one opportunity to add value—teach the user something new, entertain her, or show off something exclusive. Use a voice that is reflective of your brand and be consistent post to post and platform to platform. Here are some examples:

Created in platinum to support your diamond, the [insert jewelry type, style and/or name] features _____________ set in platinum that will surely be cherished for generations to come.

Platinum’s natural white color perfectly complements your engagement ring’s diamond… it enhances the brilliance of the diamonds it surrounds, showing them off in their best possible light.

Platinum’s strength lets it stand the test of time, so it’s the perfect metal to protect your diamond through daily wear and tear, and symbolizes a relationship that will endure.

Choose platinum, a metal as strong and pure as your love for one another.

Choosing platinum is a strong choice as a statement for an engagement ring– its mix of beauty and durability is a great metaphor for marriage.

Can you help me better understand how to use hashtags with our social posts? 

Hashtags help make your content discoverable by audiences who aren’t yet following your brand on Instagram. Remember to include #beplatinum in all of your platinum-related posts.

How do I reach more people on Facebook and Instagram? 

Reaching large audiences on Facebook and Instagram can be difficult, and even those who choose to follow your brand may not see every post. By boosting or promoting your posts you can ensure greater reach. Make sure you have your page set as a Business on Facebook/Instagram, and hit the “Boost” or “Promote” button on your individual posts to get started.


Source: Platinum Guild USA,