Hot for Holidays

Despite some turbulence in the market over diamond prices—both lab grown and mined—many in jewelry are looking forward to a robust season of sales.

Aneri Jewels

“The popularity of diamond jewelry during the holiday season remains consistent due to its enduring appeal as a symbol of love and celebration,” says Nancy Italia-Gajera, director of Aneri Jewels. “Compared to the 2022 holiday season, we anticipate stronger sales in 2023. This projection is influenced by increased consumer confidence in lab-grown diamonds and a desire for meaningful gifts after a challenging year.”

Monica McDaniel, vice president of Chatham, a lab-made gems company, has a similar holiday outlook. “Most of our customers don’t seem to think that a recession has taken full effect,” she explains. “They don’t think it will be as big a holiday season as last year, but it will be a positive nonetheless.”

Italia-Gajera expects mid to high price points to do well because the holidays are a time when clients tend to splurge on higher-quality pieces. Meanwhile, Surbhi Jain, marketing director of Shefi Diamonds, maintains that his best-selling holiday price points range from $999–$2,999. Among those offerings are both mined and lab-grown diamonds, including bridal in the latter category, aquamarines, blue sapphires, and enamel jewelry. Chatham’s best-selling holiday price points are in the $1,500–$2,500 range.


In terms of style, Cuban and paper clip links, whimsical sea life-inspired jewels, and classics like cluster styles will do well for Jain. “Our classic jewelry pieces consistently maintain their strength in the market, and this is particularly evident during periods of economic conservatism,” he says.

In the arena of colored gemstones, birthstone jewels remain a quick turn in stores as well as a product that’s instantly personalized. “Gemstone studs and birthstone jewelry have truly emerged as remarkable favorites among our customers,” says Ryan Akhavanm, sales representative, Ryan Gems, Inc. “Birthstones not only showcase thoughtfulness but also allow for personalization and a meaningful connection.”

For McDaniel, two new colors aim to inspire 2023 holiday sales: minty green chrysoberyl and Paraíba-inspired spinel.

“We introduced those at JCK Las Vegas,” says McDaniel. “Those colors are rare to find in gemstones.”

 ODI / Original Designs

Personalized designs are also expected to move. ODI/Original Designs’ vice president of design and product development, Valerie Fletcher, is prepared with pendants that can be customized with fingerprints. “They are great for new babies or memorial jewelry,” she explains.

Other personalized jewels include engravable dog tags, signet rings, and nameplate necklaces.

Still another winner from her line? The “I Love You to the Moon & Back” collection, a best-selling offering of sentimental jewelry. “It’s a universal expression of love that can be used in a variety of relationships, from romantic to familial to platonic,” notes Fletcher.

Finally, jewelry maker Marathon expects its timeless Cape Cod twist bracelets in sterling silver with 14k gold accents to do well. “Cape Cod jewelry is not just sold on the Cape, it’s sold nationwide,” says Barbara Barry, sales associate. “Plus, it’s a classic look that anyone can wear every day.”