Going Behind the Bench with PGI


Did you know that platinum is used for many purposes outside of holding gemstones most securely?

From medical devices to automotive initiatives, our Behind the Bench e-series, in partnership with the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC), takes deep dives into many of these fascinating areas. Most recently, topics have included:

Boots on the Moon explores platinum’s ability to unlock hydrogen technologies which could help achieve sustainable space exploration goals. Platinum has had long-term associations with space exploration, including the platinum catalysts in hydrogen fuel cells which were part of the pioneering technology that paved the way for the first moon landing in 1969, and fast-forward to today, when a lunar rover using platinum-based fuel cell electric vehicle technologies is being developed.

Platinum on the Frontline showcases the metal’s role within the Covid-19 pandemic. Platinum is the material of choice for electrodes in blood gas analyzers due to its fast response and reduced measurement error compared with other electrode options. Instruments that read blood gas composition are proving vital as a diagnostic tool for healthcare professionals treating the virus as they help to screen, diagnose and monitor patients suffering from respiratory compromise. They can be used across a wide range of settings from emergency medicine and critical care to dialysis units or the laboratory.

At the Medical Frontier gives readers a closer look at a porous mesh made out of platinum, part of a device that simulates the blood filtering and ion transport functions of the human kidney. The technology could transform treatment options for people in the final stage of renal disease.

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