Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings


Everyone has a favorite color and most likely that color is favored because it either makes you feel good, or it’s a color that looks good on you when you wear it. One way or another, color impacts our lives. So if you love color and you’re looking for an engagement ring, you may want to consider a ring with a colored gemstone — either as the center or as accents —that is an authentic expression of your personality. Here’s a little bit of meaning behind a few colors, courtesy


True Blue

If you love blue, you’re not alone its many hues are one of the most popular of all colors. So what does blue say about you? People who like blue tend to be self-confident, loyal and calm. also notes that people who are drawn to blue are good listeners and great partners. There are some beautiful blue gemstones to consider as either the center stone or as accents: Sapphire, aquamarine and zircon


Blue sapphire is one of the most popular of all gemstones and it is the center stone of one of the world’s most famous engagement rings, the one that formerly belonged to Princess Diana and is now worn by Kate Middelton, Princess of Wales. The hardness of sapphire makes it an ideal stone for daily wear. Cushion cut, 10.15-carat royal blue sapphire, diamond and platinum ring, courtesy Jardin Jewels by Beacab (@jardinJewels).


Aquamarine is a lovely choice for those who lean towards paler blue, or greenish blue tones. Folklore says that this gem makes marriages happier, which is a great reason to choose this gem as an engagement ring. It is also readily available in larger sizes and it is strong enough to wear every day. Aquamarine, diamond, platinum and gold ring, courtesy, Morelle Davidson(@morelledavidson).


Zircon is a gemstone that is not very well known, but is quite beautiful. It comes in many colors including shades of blue. At 4.4 billion years old, Zircon found in Australia is the oldest known gemstone on earth. Zircon is known for its flashes of brilliance and fire that rival that of a diamond and it’s hard enough for daily wear. Blue zircon and gold ring, courtesy Richard Buonomo Ltd.(@gemstoner_nyc).


Radiant Red

If red sets your heart racing, that’s no surprise it’s a high octane color that gets attention. It’s also considered a lucky color. And yes, it is also the color of love and romance. According to red says that you are energetic, enthusiastic, charismatic and optimistic. Some red gemstones to think about for an engagement ring are: Ruby and spinel.


Ruby, known as the “King of Gemstones” represents love and passion, it’s a good choice for an engagement ring because it is a very hard stone that is quite durable and can easily be worn daily. Unheated, 5.03-carat ruby, diamond and gold ring, courtesy Sunview N.V. (@sunviewnv).


Spinel comes in a range of colors, but red is the most recognized. Red spinel has often been mistaken for ruby and historically, it was highly prized by royalty and nobility It is also a hard stone that can handle everyday wear. 2-carat, oval-shaped, red spinel, diamond and platinum ring, courtesy David Gross Group (@david_gross_group).


Vivacious Yellow

If yellow is your preferred shade you probably already know that it is one of the most vibrant colors. Throughout history, it has been associated with the sun and its power. Yellow lets people know that you are cheerful, happy, friendly and fun. Yellow gemstones that make great engagement rings are: Diamond and sapphire

Yellow diamond comes in a range of tones from soft pastels to more vibrant shades. Like any diamond, the yellow hued gems have an abundance of sparkle and diamond is the hardest of all gemstones making it the perfect choice to wear daily. Radiant-shape, 5.06-carat fancy intense yellow diamond, white diamond and platinum ring, courtesy Spectra Fine Jewelry(@SpectraFineJewelry).


Yellow sapphire is another good choice for an engagement ring, it’s a very hard and durable stone that is good for everyday wear and its sunny hues are always uplifting. Sapphire is the gift for 5th and 45thwedding anniversaries. Unheated, 8.05-carat Ceylon yellow sapphire, diamond, platinum and 18-karat gold ring, courtesy Hartley Brown LLC (@hartley.brown).


Glowing Green

If you gravitate towards green you know how soothing and relaxing it can be, just like those days spent in nature surrounded by grass and trees. Green shows others that you are intelligent, independent, diplomatic and harmonious, according to Some great green gemstones for an engagement ring: Emerald, jade and demantoid garnet


Emerald is the first gemstone to come to mind when we think of green and there is no other gem with the same green glow. However, emerald is a rather delicate stone and can easily fracture or crack. So if you love emerald, consider having it as an accent or side stone where they will have much less wear and tear. Hexagonal, 2.19-carat diamond ring with emerald tapered baguette side stones, set in platinum, courtesy Oltuski Brothers (@rivegauchejewelry).


Demantoid is a green form of garnet. It is known for its emerald-like color and bright fire that rivals that of a diamond. It’s a very rare and unusual gemstone that is found mostly in sizes of one-carat or less, but its color and fire give it a mighty punch. Ring with 2.32-carat demantoid garnet set in white gold, courtesy J. & S.S. DeYoung (@laurendeyoungjewelry).


Jade is a green gemstone that is very durable and tough, making it a good candidate to stand up to everyday wear. It is a stone that is revered in many cultures and is said to bring health, wealth and luck to those who wear it. Art Deco natural, untreated jade, diamond and platinum ring, circa 1930s, courtesy Paul Fisher (@paulfisherjewelry).


Of course there are many other colors not covered in this blog, so if you love color, be daring and check out engagement rings with colored gemstones that will show off your personality and reflect your personal love story.


Source: The International Antique Jewelers Association, authored by Amber Michelle