Capitalizing on May Is Gold Month

Richline Group

Considering that the Richline Group (RG) is a vertically integrated presence throughout the precious materials supply chain, from manufacturing to marketing, its 21-year-old May Is Gold Month (MIGM) initiative makes much sense. Gold is part of the DNA of its properties and of those firms they serve.

Shefi Diamonds

Casting a spotlight on karat-gold jewelry is an obvious goal for the jewelry conglomerate, but another “is to ensure the retailers can make the most of MIGM by tailoring their promotions to fit their brand and customers’ expectations,” says Elaine Klopman, director of marketing.

Many in the industry, including Klopman, know that MIGM’s momentum certainly lasts longer than the month itself.

“Promoting gold jewelry goes beyond May,” she continues. “We are always looking for creative ways to highlight the gold category, working with our clients all year on different sales and marketing campaigns.”

Shefi Diamonds’ Surbhi Jain, marketing director, agrees.

“MIGM can be a fantastic promotional opportunity in the jewelry industry,” she says. “Capitalizing on this theme can enhance our brand visibility and potentially boost sales.”

Quality Gold

And given the collective commercial power that MIGM partners provide, it’s not surprising that non-RG partners benefit as well. Just like generic diamond ads from the De Beers Group aid the entire jewelry industry, so, too, do MIGM promotions. Call it riding on RG’s coattails or just flat out effective, MIGM is an approaching calendar date that no one should ignore.

Quality Gold, Inc. needs no convincing. “Gold is a 365-day product,” confirms Cora Lee Colaizzi, marketing director, whose clients include it in promotions year-round—not just Mother’s Day and in May.

Marketing materials highlighting basics, religious jewelry, and best sellers are available for active clients on Additionally, a resource section on the site “contains templates for digital banners, social media posts, and print concepts that the retailer can edit to use,” Colaizzi notes. Meanwhile, trendier products within its Leslie’s and HERCO brands also have their own marketing materials.

At Ostbye, marketing manager Theresa Namie and her team share product photography and reels with retailers to use on their social media platforms. And this year, bold gold designs are a key component of their merchandising mix considering what she calls a “resurgence of yellow gold in 2023.” May is perfectly timed with some of the firm’s newest releases, including a new gold bridal collection “just in time for MIGM,” Namie adds.

Shefi Diamonds also sees a great opportunity for yellow gold in 2024 and will also capitalize on MIGM through email newsletters to its clients and time-sensitive promotions and discounts. Social media posts highlighting gold jewelry will include relevant hashtags such as “#MayIsGoldMonth and #GoldenMay,” according to Jain.


Finally, Heather Brown, vice president of content and editorial for The Kingswood Company, a maker of cleaning products for fine jewelry, encourages retailers to offer information about how to care for gold jewelry, such as soaking pieces in a specially formulated solution and buffing it with a polishing cloth after it dries. “Offering clients useful jewelry care and cleaning information allows them to enjoy their gold jewelry, both new and old, for a lifetime,” she says.