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About The Jewelers Resource Center

A groundbreaking and useful exploration tool and reference guide that is easy-to-use, totally discoverable, immersive and at your fingertips 365 days a year. It is provided free to the entire jewelry industry by The Plumb Club for the purpose of shaping the future of the jewelry industry via education, innovation, and connection, by reputable sources. Here, you will discover educational materials in a variety of learning methods, such as auditory, written, and visual formats.

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Listen to Short Podcasts

The “listen” area provides you with auditory learning modules on a variety of helpful subjects. Short podcasts, provided by experts in various fields provide a plethora of jewelry related information and helpful tips.

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Read Articles on Trends, Consumer Insights and Best Practices

The “read” area delivers a myriad of written articles from a variety of industry-known authors and editors. Totally searchable by subject, the articles offer information on trends, consumer insights and best practices.

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View Videos, Presentations and Training

See visual learning videos that feature industry training and other presentations that provide advice and understanding from a variety of experts. Subjects that affect the industry and impact your business are searchable by topic.

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Get the Latest News

Keep up to date on important headlines and daily industry news in the newsroom. The search feature will allow you to read both current and historic articles on a chosen topic.

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Source Service Providers

Discover a variety of jewelry industry specific, qualified service providers to help you with every aspect of your business. The sourcing room supplies you with a plethora of helpful companies, contractors and names across many categories.

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Reference Materials at your Fingertips

An abundance of searchable jewelry and gemstone specific charts and tables, reference documents and helpful links are available to you with the click of your mouse to help you during the business day.

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Live Events and Presentations

Get a front row seat to an array of live events, presentations, webinars and education hosted regularly by The Plumb Club.

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Our meeting rooms will be used for a variety of purposes, such as in person meetings with The Plumb Club, as well as breakout sessions during live auditorium events.

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Find Members or Learn More About The Plumb Club at the Information Hub

You will encounter the Information Hub upon entering the Jewelers Resource Center. Here you can explore The Plumb Club Members via a name directory or a menu that allows you to search by product type or category to list suppliers pertinent to your needs.

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