Why People Buy Jewelry for Themselves



Jeweler’s Mutual, the insurer and business solutions provider dedicated to protecting jewelry and jewelry businesses for 110 years, recently released insights into the world of consumers self-purchasing jewelry. A survey conducted by Jewelers Mutual to better understand the unique buying habits of self-purchasers found that holidays and birthdays are the most significant motivation for people to buy jewelry for themselves. These results illuminate the importance of nurturing self-celebration and prioritizing well-being and happiness during the holiday gift-giving season when self-care can be forgotten.

“Jewelry is so much more than metal and stone; it’s a symbol of independence and self-expression,” said Krystle Craycraft, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Digital at Jewelers Mutual. “As we continue our work to elevate the love of jewelry, these findings reinforce the significance of empowering individuals to treat themselves to beautiful and meaningful jewelry, regardless of the occasion.”

Additional research findings:

  • Popular Choices: Female self-purchasers are significantly more likely to purchase necklaces and earrings while males purchase watches.
  • Frequency of Self-Purchases: Half of respondents reported buying jewelry for themselves only once a year, indicating room for increased self-celebration.
  • Creating a Legacy: Passing on jewelry is important to self-purchasers. 96% of self-purchasers either plan to or are considering passing down their fine jewelry.
  • Jewelry Protection: The study revealed the need for more education around the importance of professional inspections. 39% of self-purchasers claimed they never have their fine jewelry inspected.

These survey insights inspire Jewelers Mutual to champion self-purchasing jewelry during the holidays and year-round. The insurer and trusted advisor is committed to safeguarding each piece of jewelry with the dedicated care and attention that comes from its 110 years of expertise, making Jewelers Mutual the preferred choice for over 1 million jewelry customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Source: Jeweler’s Mutual