Do You ‘Fancy’ a ‘Twitter’?

Last week we took a quick look at the which, what and hows of using Pinterest, Google Plus and Facebook to promote your business. This week, TheFancy and Twitter come under the spotlight as we discover how to get the best return on your social media investment.

Does TheFancy Take Your Fancy?

TheFancy is very similar to Pinterest. Users tag product they like and share it with their friends. The big difference is that, unlike Pinterest, TheFancy is actively working with retailers to drive sales through the site. When an image on TheFancy is clicked, users see a “Buy It” button. Clicking the button then takes the browser to the e-commerce site where they can purchase the product. Consumers can also unlock special deals from retailers by clicking “Fancy It” on the retailer’s product photos. These special deals are typically discount codes that can be used at checkout on the retailer’s site. Current deals offered to TheFancy users are featured within a Deals tab at the top of the page, which makes it easy for TheFancy users to find. Is this worth taking a fancy to? Absolutely. The site is relatively young with a comparatively undeveloped jewelry section. Now’s your chance to come in at the ground floor and enjoy the ride upwards.

What’s Got Your Tweet?

According to a recent survey, only about 10% of small businesses use Twitter. A crying shame for those 90% who are losing out on an easy, quick and free marketing tool that actually produces results. We won’t go into what Twitter does, if you haven’t heard of it by now, then the rest is pointless. Rather, we’ll share a few good tips that’ll make your tweets turn into a birdsong.

Share insight – not just product: By tweeting tweets of knowledge, such as interesting and valuable content related to your field, you show consumers that you’re not just a seller, but an educator and innovator that has passion for what you do as well as your product. Tweet industry articles of interest. Tweet items that are quirky and funny. It builds trust with followers and sets you apart from competing stores.

Be Competitive- Literally: This is not just for twitter- but for other social media sites you’re using as well. Offer your followers added value, either discounts, information and that time-old favorite – a freebie. Tweet a contest you are having on your site or Facebook page. Make it exclusive or almost exclusive to your social media followers by using a code or posting the questions on your Facebook site or tweeting them.

Retweet: Find great content tweeted by people you follow and retweet it to your followers. This serves the dual purpose of sharing good content, while also offering the original tweeter a 21st century word-of-mouth shout out. And when you retweet someone, they just might begin to retweet you, and that is the true Twitter currency since it is a personal recommendation to a whole new audience.

Solve a problem: Search for things like [keyword phrase + problem] or [help + keyword] to find people talking about a problem that your business or your knowledge can solve. Once you find the tweets, share a relevant link or a resource with them that may help with them with their problem. Or, if you don’t have an answer yourself, retweet their message and see if anyone else in your network can help.

Next week: Our top ten tips that’ll make your social media strategy a social success.