August Plumb Club Podcasts Focus on
Retail Design and Growing Merchandise Categories

New York – The educational Plumb Club monthly podcast postings for August have just been added to the learning library. The podcasts focus on two important elements for retailers: Creating the proper first impression for customers with a stores’ design and growing a customer base by ensuring silver is part of the merchandising mix. Retailers will get an in-depth understanding about why each is important to their business, along with strategies and tips on how both augment sales.

Silver Streak – Why Sales of Silver Jewelry are Growing
Silver has been enjoying a growing percentage in sales and a more predominant place in the product mix at retail. On behalf of Plumb Club Member Samuel B, Cheryl Kremkow talks about the factors that have helped this bright, white metal become a rising star for retailers. She touches on silver’s historic jewelry heritage and on its designer affiliations and provides statistics on how the category is expected to grow in the coming years. Additionally, she paints a picture of the silver customer, illustrating how important they can be for a retailer’s business and gives practical tips on how to get and grow that relationship. The Samuel B. Collection, as with award-winning designer Samuel Benham brings more than 30 years of art and jewelry experience to their collections that focuses on quality, craftsmanship and innovation.

The Importance of Your Store’s First Impression
Just as the saying goes, “you only have one chance to make a good impression”, so does your store. Your store’s entrance needs to fix a customer’s attention and give them the right sensory information in order to turn them from a mere “passer-by” into a customer. Your stores interior needs to convey what your brand stands for and inspire a customer to trust you to help them make a purchase decision. Leslie McGwire discusses maximizing income from a store via the layout and space planning. She takes the listener through impactful lighting, effective case design and cost-effective coverings for flooring and walls.  Finally, she wraps up with advice on how to keep a store looking up-to-date and current. Leslie McGwire, ASID Allied (American Association of Interior Designers), is an award-winning interior designer and author, with 35 years of experience in retail design and a specialization in jewelry store design. She is the owner of Leslie McGwire & Associates, Inc.

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