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Series: Tickled Pink: Spring Color Trends

Empowering Colors for Spring 2019 - January 4, 2019

Posted in: Design, Fashion, Trends

Attention-grabbing red-based and orangey hues dominate the Pantone Color Institute’s spring 2019 fashion color report, reflecting…

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Birthstones are Bestsellers - January 11, 2019

Belief in gem powers has survived for nearly 5,000 years in the tradition of the birthstone. The concept of linking birth dates with particular gems…

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Women Want More Color - January 18, 2019

Women who buy fine jewelry, particularly younger women, want more variety in color and fashion styles represented in traditional jewelry stores…

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Color: It’s Personal - January 28, 2019

The global fashion accessories market is projected to grow at the rate of 6.5% during the forecast period 2018…

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