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The Plumb Club: Radiant Universe

The Plumb Club recently commissioned trend forecasting agency The Futurist to source consumer data and information useful to the jewelry market, providing insight on trends, consumer behavior and in-store and online sales information. Using the data acquired through this research, the symbols of the Polar Star and the Sun specifically, and the constellations in general, were identified as significant trending iconic motifs that resonate with the consumer. As a result of this research, which will be released through weekly articles on PlumbClub.com, The Plumb Club has created a program through which each member has individually expressed this theme through their own collections and is collectively named “Radiant Universe.” This jewelry was debuted by our members at JCK Las Vegas under our trademark “Radiant Universe”.

The Plumb Club has created branded marketing materials, including counter cards, in-case signage, social media templates, posters and postcards, to support the collection in-store and online. A look book containing a selection of pieces from each member is available here.

The Plumb Club: Radiant Universe

“We received feedback from retailers that there is a gap in our industry for aggregated, up-to-date consumer research that is valuable to them,” says The Plumb Club Executive Director Lawrence Hess. “We are very excited to be able to not only provide such research, but to transform it into physical assets that will resonate in-store. We are truly proud of the work our members have done to bring this to life.”

As an exciting supplement to the program, The Plumb Club installed an actual planetarium within its brand new state-of-the-art pavilion. The Radiant Universe Planetarium featured a 5-minute show that was “out of this world”. This immersive presentation took retailer on a thrill ride through the universe that gave insight into this iconic trend and showcased various jewelry pieces from the collection in a truly unique way.

Click here to view a selection from the Radiant Universe collection.