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Color Merchants Inc. / Brevani

Color Merchants Inc. / Brevani


Tradition blends with technology and old-world craftsmanship meets modern design in Color Merchants’ new Spryngs by Brevani collection.

Brevani has pioneered a new category of jewelry while embracing women of all ring sizes! Brevani wants women to own their individuality and self, and they do this by ensuring their customers are able to purchase one ring and have that same ring fit them with ease throughout the many stages of their life.

The Eternal Spryngs are eternity bands that expand! This expansion allows a woman to get her ring over her larger knuckle, or the pregnant woman doesn’t need to put her ring away for eight months.

Within the Spryngs program Brevani also offers their Spiral Spryng rings, which uses that same patent-pending technology but instead of being expandable, the ring is flexible. This allows women to wrap the ring around their finger and wear the same ring on multiple fingers depending upon her mood.

What gives these rings their unique expandability is a patent-pending technology using titanium. Each Spryng ring is hand-crafted in the heart of the jewelry district in New York City. All Spryng rings have a lifetime warranty.