Hollywood Factor

Fashion runways are certainly influencing jewelry trends in popular design styles, colors and finishes. But film, major motion picture and television, is inspiring a strong tendency for jewelry that harkens back to the turn of the last century. Three works in particular are resonating most among women of style: Anna Karenina, Downton Abbey and The … Read More

Market Watches

The value proposition for watches is in genuine design and innovation, as well as the personal expression and sentiment timepieces hold. Watches have transcended their basic function of time telling to become image-makers, status symbols and must-have fashion accessories for men and women. U.S. watch market trends offer a diverse mix in styles, including an … Read More

Serving Time

Effective merchandising techniques can help increase sales and profitability for your watch inventory. Display space is at a premium, so what you show and how you show it are critical. Key to successful merchandising is constant change, from tiny tweaks to major moves, to keep customers engaged. “When a shopper knows what to expect when … Read More

All in Good Time

U.S. watch market trends offer a diverse mix in styles, including an embrace of classic, sleeker, thinner looks for men and more mechanical and often extremely artistic designs for women. Male Factor After several years of wide, thick watch styles for men, there’s a return to classicism. Brands are taking pride in producing thinner movements, … Read More

Time Tested

Perhaps the biggest challenge to watches in the last decade has been that their very reason for being is no longer necessary, our smart phones tell time. Yet despite a nearly 5 percent dip in sales from 2001-2005, followed by the recession, the watch industry bounced back strong with the WorldWatchReport™ citing record sales and … Read More

Marketing Value Points

The consumer buzzword is “value” and it’s not about price; value is about what you’re getting for the price. Quality, style, novelty, personal meaning, and a custom experience all create the value today’s consumers want. Among the market’s top sellers are fashion styles with an emphasis on color, sterling silver, bridal with color gems and … Read More