Marketing Value Points

The consumer buzzword is “value” and it’s not about price; value is about what you’re getting for the price. Quality, style, novelty, personal meaning, and a custom experience all create the value today’s consumers want. Among the market’s top sellers are fashion styles with an emphasis on color, sterling silver, bridal with color gems and … Read More
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Personal Effects

Jewelry design trends are shifting away from mass-produced looks and back to designs with personal meaning. The maturity that characterizes more developed consumer markets like the United States is fueling the quest for personalization. Customization is the new sign of success and luxury. Equally, it’s well suited to our frugal economic environment as shoppers want … Read More

Value-able Jewelry

Given the economic climate and soaring precious metal prices, more flexibility and inventiveness remains a key part of style. Jewelry manufacturers are expanding the materials they use and how they use them. The new focus is on innovating creative approaches in design, both technical and artistic. Upping the ante on the wow factor, designers use … Read More

The Value Equation

The consumer buzzword is “value” and it is a highly personal thing. It’s not just about price, but what you’re getting for the price – quality, style, novelty, personal meaning, and a custom experience all create the value today’s consumers want. “Jewelry marketers must be willing to challenge old strategies and create new designs at … Read More
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A Story of Color

Color is the story in apparel and accessories. The exciting explosion of color use and combination in fashion has elevated interest for gem-set jewelry, where color stones have intrinsic meaning and value to people. With less of a rulebook and greater cultural influences trending globally, gems are top picks in jewelry design. Color stones offer … Read More

Show and Sell Color

Retailers in today’s highly competitive market cannot afford to consider merchandising as simply the arrangement of products on the shelf. How you present your merchandise is in integral part of your brand image and overall marketing strategy. Jewelers with a penchant for color hail gems as a key element in creating a unique and exciting jewelry … Read More
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Birthstones: Not Just for Birthdays

Birthstones sell and promoting them year round can benefit your bottom line. Not just for birthdays, birthstones personalize jewelry gifts for all occasions from the birth of a child and Mother’s Day to graduations, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Often the first taste of personalization, birthstones resonate with customers who want special pieces signature to them. While … Read More