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Stuller Color Sapphires

Birthstones: Not Just for Birthdays

Birthstones sell and promoting them year round can benefit your bottom line. Not just for birthdays, birthstones personalize jewelry gifts for all occasions from the birth of a child and Mother’s Day to graduations, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Often the first taste of personalization, birthstones resonate with customers who want special pieces signature to them. While … Read More

Top Ten Tips For The Jewelry and Fashion Trade Show Warrior

Most of us dread trade-show trips. Little sleep, large blisters and mountains of product merging together into one enormous jewelry overload. We go home exhausted, discombobulated and overwhelmed by the information, pricing, and work reviews that await. This year though, turn a grueling trade workout into a 72 hour marathon of success. May’s Top Ten … Read More