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Holiday Hotties

Months after Christmas and it is time to think about it all over again. Jewelers shopping and planning for the fall-winter selling season should keep these key product trends on their radar. Jewelry style expert Helena Krodel, vice president of communications, Luxe Intelligence, New York, presented in the April 30 Plumb Club webinar, Translating Trends, … Read More

Time is Money

Despite the fact that time displays on all of our digital devices, the watch remains a signature accessory for both men and women. Even in the face of a possible smart watch revolution, the global watch industry is strong and poised for further growth, generating $60 billion in 2013 says Citigroup, with watch sales expected … Read More

The Right Timing

The global watch industry generated $60 billion in 2013, according to Citigroup. In fact, watch sales are predicted to increase another 30% by 2017, forecasts Euromonitor International. There’s a lot of talk that 2014 will be the year of the smart watch, Dick Tracy’s gadget watch come true. A recent study by the Jewelry Consumer … Read More

Watching Women

Although men have cultivated a passion for wristwatches in the past century, women have embraced them with great fervor in recent history as a statement-making fashion staple. Tempted by different strap colors, dial sizes, material mixes and more, women appreciate the wristwatch beyond its ability to tell time. “For ladies it’s always about fashion; at … Read More