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Seiko Corporation of America

Seiko, founded in 1881, has been committed to the art and science of time for over 130 years.  As the inventor of the quartz watch in 1969, Seiko has four decades of experience in fusing intricate watchmaking skill with elegant design through the synergy of traditional and electronic technologies.  Seiko is proud to be the only watch manufacturer with every watchmaking expertise including Quartz, Kinetic, Mechanical, GPS Solar, Spring Drive and Solar.

The story of Seiko began when K. Hattori, a clock repair store, opened in central Tokyo.  Just eleven years later, the company made its first clock and, in 1895, its first pocket watch.  From then, a revolutionary watch and clockmaking enterprise was born.  In addition to Seiko’s impressive continuation of watch movement inventions, Seiko is also responsible for many of the world’s firsts for clocks including transistorized wall clocks in 1959, quartz wall clocks for home use in 1968 and quartz alarm clocks in 1976, to name a few.

For years to come, Seiko will continue to deliver a dedication to perfection that fans of clocks expect and appreciate.  Seiko’s Pulsar brand of watches, responsible for introducing the world’s first electronic digital watch, was acquired in 1978.  Delivering a perfect blend of stunning design and exceptional value and dependability, Pulsar watches provide a precise and stylish way of keeping track of the time. Today, after over 130 years of innovation, Seiko is a company faithful to a culture of innovation and is continually driven by a consuming passion for excellence.

Seiko Corporation of America
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