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K.Girdharlal / KGS Jewels

K. Girdharlal, an associate company of KGS Jewels Inc., was established in 1967 as a premier Diamond Trading Company. In the early 1990s, it ventured into cutting and polishing Diamonds and is now a leading manufacturer of polished diamonds in the industry.

The business remains family-run, reaching globally across all major Diamond Centers in the world including Surat, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Dubai, New York and Shanghai.

KGS Jewels Inc. and associates employ 3,000 people worldwide and has a distribution network that covers every diamond and jewelry consuming market. It has established a state of the art diamond processing factory in Surat, which has many accolades and recently achieved Platinum Rating for Green Building. It also has a most modern jewelry manufacturing factory in Mumbai, where we manufacture jewelry of exemplary bridal collection range, solitaire rings, earrings and pendants of current trends suitable for the retail market.

 As KGS Jewels Inc. enters its fourth Generation in business, it looks forward to preserving its current relationships and welcomes new partners for a successful diamond and jewelry market worldwide.

 “There’s More to Making Diamonds”

KGS Jewels Inc.
Pranav Shah
10 West 46th Street, 10th Floor,
New York, New York 10036

Phone: (212) 944-4500