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Fantasy Diamond Corporation

Fantasy Diamond Corporation® is a US-based diamond jewelry company, in business since 1922. For over three generations, Fantasy Diamond® has supplied jewelry to loyal customers throughout the United States and the world, earning its reputation as a leading source of better quality diamond products with innovative, trend-setting designs.

Today, Fantasy Diamond® is best known for having invented and patented Touch Setting®, sometimes called “pressure setting.”  This innovative technology uses diamonds to hold diamonds, resulting in a large Visual Impact at an affordable price. Fantasy Diamond’s Touch Setting® technique is marketed under the Endless Diamond® brand name and brings together individually hand-set diamonds with no inner prongs to create a seamless solitaire appearance.

Although other companies have tried to copy Touch Setting®, they have done so with techniques such as the use of inner prongs or the cutting, grooving, or notching of the diamonds.  In the United States and many other places around the world, only Fantasy Diamond® and its licensees can legally supply you with true Touch Set® jewelry.


Fantasy Diamond Corporation
Joseph Wein
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Chicago, IL 60607
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