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Plumb Club Gala Evening: Kaleidoscope of Talent

Plumb Club Gala partygoers were treated to an evening of entertainment at the 2012 JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show.

The evening’s entertainment started with music by Mass Ensemble of America’s Got Talent fame, followed by speed painter Jean Francois. With so many guests asking how to purchase the paintings produced by Mr. Francois, an impromptu auction was held that raised $60,000 for The Jewelers For Children charity.

After dinner, the party continued with Michael Cavanaugh from Billy Joel’s Broadway hit “Movin Out” bringing the entire room to their feet as he brought his piano to life. The evening concluded with the comedic styling’s of Sinbad, listed as one of the top 100 comedians of all time.

To see pictures of the event that members and guests proclaimed to be one of Plumb club’s best, check out the photo gallery listed below.