Plumb Club Events

Changing Times and The Retail Jeweler: What to expect from the economy, technology and customer over the next 5 years

Please visit our webinar page to see Mr. Forbes’ full presentation made in Las Vegas. Join us at JCK Las Vegas 2013 for our 2nd Annual Breakfast Symposium Saturday, June 1st, 2013 Steve Forbes, world renowned economist, businessman and publisher will share his personal observations on the changing times and the retail jeweler and what … Read More

Plumb Club Gala Evening: Michael Jackson ONE

Plumb Club Party-goers were treated to a sumptuous cocktail hour and buffet while listening to the musical stylings of Shaun DeGraff who had the audience clapping and singing along to his “jazzed” versions of yesterday’s and today’s top hits. As dessert was served,  a seemingly overly indulgent guest stumbled up onto the stage demanding that … Read More

Plumb Club Gala Evening: Kaleidoscope of Talent

Plumb Club Gala partygoers were treated to an evening of entertainment at the 2012 JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show. The evening’s entertainment started with music by Mass Ensemble of America’s Got Talent fame, followed by speed painter Jean Francois. With so many guests asking how to purchase the paintings produced by Mr. Francois, an impromptu auction … Read More

Breakfast Symposium at JCK Las Vegas 2012

The presentations listed below have been recorded and can be viewed through our Webinar pages by clicking here Join us at JCK Las Vegas 2012 for our complimentary Breakfast Symposiums Friday, June 1st Saturday, June 2nd. If you are a registered buyer for the JCK Las Vegas show and would like to receive an invitation to … Read More